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cancerslug summer tour

cancerslug tour
ok -
so these are the dates as far as i know that we have so far for the summer tour-
all of the people that still havent e-mailed me back need too (unless you are already talking to seth)

june 25th - athens, ga
june 27th - asheville, nc
june 28th - sanford, nc
june 29th - wilmington, nc
june 30th - washington dc
june 31st - richmond, va
july 5th and 6th- Maine
july 8th nyc @ cbgb's
july 14th - cleveland, oh
july 17th, indianapolis
july 19th chicago (pending)
july 22nd wichita, kansas
july 25th - san antonio, tx
august 9th - johnson city, tn (anti-fest)
august 30th - nyc @ cbgb's

time is ticking away so everyone that can fit us in to your area in a time slot convenient to this tour should get it set up asap
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