pretty girls make sandwiches (casio_casanova) wrote in cancerslug,
pretty girls make sandwiches

Cancerslug needs YOU!!!

hi sluggies,
my name is seth, i'm doing most of the booking for the CS summer tour as well as performing as the opening act.
the tour is coming up in just a little over a month and i still have TONS of dates to fill. if you think you can help get Cancerslug a show in your town, (or any other town for that matter) or help with promotion... pleeeaaase contact me at at
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I do believe that my band (Terrorific) will be playing with you guys and Cancerslug in July in Indy. I've heard one of your guys songs and it's catchy as hell. I probably listen to it everyday haha. Anyway, if that show is actually happening I can't wait to see ya'll there and I'm gonna be promoting it like a mofo.
Keep it bloody, Hallow
thanks a bunch. as far as i know, that show is booked, confirmed and waiting to happen. all we gotta do is make it there.
we definitely appreciate the help with promotion too. you rock.
I know I can get them a show here, in fact my Alex contaced Cancerslug Alex about a show. My Alex asked me to get Cancerslug Alex to get a good date to give him. This was about 2 days ago. Anyway, I'm a lazy whore and didn't feel like e-mailing, maybe you'll read it here.
(too many alex's)
(Biloxi, Ms)
hi. we can do Biloxi. July 28th would be prime. if you can't do that, let me know and i'll see what others might work.
thanks a bunch.
Juky 28th sounds good to me, but let me check with Alex, since he's the guy who throws all shows around here, so I can make sure no one else is booked that night. I'll get back to you soon, since this is 3 pages old on my friends list, I might just have to e-mail you.